Cutting and Coring

Concrete Scanning, Cutting & Coring

Whether you are in need of demolition work, need to make an opening for a duct and/or conduit, stairwell or create openings for wires, heating, plumbing or sewage, North American Concrete is equipped to provide these services for you. Our team is able to provide successful cutting and coring services to make any expansion that is planned flow with ease. We pride ourselves on being able to provide quick, efficient and safe concrete alteration services.

Our crews are suited to service residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors with no projects to small or large.

Scan First! Cut Your Risk, Not A Conduit

North American Concrete works with Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for locating embedded features in concrete before cutting, drilling or breaking out concrete. By scanning before proceeding with your project, thousands of dollars can be saved to keep your project safe for employees and on budget. Concrete scanning will help determine the depth (thickness), location of rebar and wire mesh properties, presence of conduit, utilities, live wires and more.

We provide scanning solutions on-site within 24 hours and live time results to keep your crews working.

Concrete Cutting & Coring Services

North American Concrete provides a spread of concrete cutting and coring solutions to meet your project’s requirements. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Exterior Slab-sawing (diesel): Ranging 5 – 75 HP, Tier 4 compliant. Up to 24″ cutting depth
  • Interior Slab-sawing (electric): Ranging 5 – 50 HP, Fume free. Up to 24″ cutting depth
  • Diamond Core Drilling: ¼” to 48” diameter Horizontal, vertical, and inverted, not depth limitation
  • Wall Sawing: Up to 64” thick with access from both sides of wall
  • Curb Cutting: Roadside cutting applications
  • Concrete Grinding: Gas/electric 12″ mini-grinders
  • Wire Sawing: Hi-cycle electric. No depth limitation
  • Removal: Trenches and openings

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